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Use this site to access weather information as layers on an interactive map. An alert table is available below for an alternative view of all active alerts. Learn more about the layers.

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Weather Alerts for Canada

This table displays all active alerts for Canada, with the ability to view alerts by province or territory and searching by alert name, alert type or forecast location.

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No Alerts in effect.
Showing 163 alerts
Hanna - Coronation - Oyen
Co. of Paintearth near Brownfield
Co. of Paintearth near Castor and Fleet
Co. of Paintearth near Coronation and Throne
M.D. of Acadia including Acadia Valley
M.D. of Provost near Bodo
S.A. 2 near Cessford Wardlow and Pollockville
S.A. 2 near Hanna and Richdale
S.A. 2 near Spondin and Scapa
S.A. 2 near Sunnynook
S.A. 3 near Big Stone Cappon and Gold Spur
S.A. 3 near Oyen and Cereal
S.A. 3 near Sedalia and New Brigden
S.A. 3 near Sibbald and Esther
S.A. 3 near Youngstown
S.A. 4 near Hemaruka Wiste and Monitor Creek
S.A. 4 near Kirriemuir and Compeer
S.A. 4 near Veteran and Consort
British Columbia
Sarnia - Lambton
Sarnia - Petrolia - Western Lambton County
Windsor - Essex - Chatham-Kent
Chatham-Kent - Rondeau Park
Windsor - Leamington - Essex County
Forillon National Park - Gaspé - Percé
Forillon National Park - Gaspé area
Percé area
Sept-Îles - Port-Cartier
Baie-Trinité area
Sept-Îles - Port-Cartier area
Assiniboia - Gravelbourg - Coronach
R.M. of Bengough including Bengough
R.M. of Elmsthorpe including Avonlea and Truax
R.M. of Excel including Viceroy Ormiston and Verwood
R.M. of Gravelbourg including Gravelbourg and Bateman
R.M. of Happy Valley including Big Beaver
R.M. of Hart Butte including Coronach
R.M. of Key West including Ogema and Kayville
R.M. of Lake Johnson including Mossbank and Ardill
R.M. of Lake of The Rivers including Assiniboia
R.M. of Old Post including Wood Mountain and Killdeer
R.M. of Poplar Valley including Rockglen and Fife Lake
R.M. of Stonehenge including Limerick and Congress
R.M. of Surprise Valley including Minton and Regway
R.M. of Sutton including Mazenod Palmer and Vantage
R.M. of Terrell including Spring Valley and Cardross
R.M. of The Gap including Ceylon and Hardy
R.M. of Waverley including Glentworth and Fir Mountain
R.M. of Willow Bunch including Willow Bunch and St Victor
R.M. of Wood River including Lafleche Woodrow and Melaval
Estevan - Weyburn - Radville - Milestone
R.M. of Benson including Benson
R.M. of Brokenshell including Trossachs
R.M. of Caledonia including Milestone and Parry
R.M. of Cambria including Torquay and Outram
R.M. of Cymri including Midale Macoun and Halbrite
R.M. of Estevan including Estevan and Hitchcock
R.M. of Fillmore including Fillmore Creelman and Osage
R.M. of Griffin including Griffin and Froude
R.M. of Lake Alma including Lake Alma and Beaubier
R.M. of Laurier including Radville
R.M. of Lomond including Colgate and Goodwater
R.M. of Norton including Pangman and Khedive
R.M. of Scott including Yellow Grass Lang and Lewvan
R.M. of Souris Valley including Tribune and Oungre
R.M. of Wellington including Cedoux Colfax and Tyvan
R.M. of Weyburn including Weyburn and McTaggart
Kindersley - Rosetown - Biggar - Wilkie - Macklin
R.M. of Antelope Park including Loverna and Hoosier
R.M. of Biggar including Biggar and Springwater
R.M. of Chesterfield including Eatonia and Mantario
R.M. of Eye Hill including Macklin Denzil and Evesham
R.M. of Grandview including Handel and Kelfield
R.M. of Grass Lake including Salvador and Reward
R.M. of Heart's Hill including Cactus Lake
R.M. of Kindersley including Kindersley Brock and Flaxcombe
R.M. of Mariposa including Tramping Lake and Broadacres
R.M. of Marriott south of Biggar
R.M. of Milton including Alsask and Marengo
R.M. of Monet including Elrose Wartime and Forgan
R.M. of Mountain View including Herschel and Stranraer
R.M. of Newcombe including Glidden and Madison
R.M. of Oakdale including Coleville
R.M. of Pleasant Valley including McGee and Fiske
R.M. of Prairiedale including Major and Smiley
R.M. of Progress including Kerrobert and Luseland
R.M. of Reford including Landis and Leipzig
R.M. of Rosemount including Cando and Traynor
R.M. of Snipe Lake including Eston and Plato
R.M. of St Andrews including Rosetown and Zealandia
R.M. of Tramping Lake including Scott and Revenue
R.M. of Winslow including Dodsland and Plenty
Leader - Gull Lake
R.M. of Big Stick including Golden Prairie
R.M. of Carmichael including Carmichael
R.M. of Clinworth including Sceptre Lemsford and Portreeve
R.M. of Deer Forks including Burstall and Estuary
R.M. of Enterprise including Richmound
R.M. of Fox Valley including Fox Valley
R.M. of Gull Lake including Gull Lake and Tompkins
R.M. of Happyland including Leader Prelate and Mendham
R.M. of Miry Creek including Abbey Lancer and Shackleton
R.M. of Piapot including Piapot
R.M. of Pittville including Hazlet
Moose Jaw - Pense - Central Butte - Craik
City of Moose Jaw
R.M. of Baildon including Briercrest
R.M. of Caron including Caronport and Caron
R.M. of Chaplin including Chaplin
R.M. of Craik including Craik and Aylesbury
R.M. of Dufferin including Bethune and Findlater
R.M. of Enfield including Central Butte
R.M. of Eyebrow including Eyebrow and Brownlee
R.M. of Hillsborough including Crestwynd and Old Wives lake
R.M. of Huron including Tugaske
R.M. of Maple Bush including Riverhurst and Douglas Prov. Park
R.M. of Marquis including Tuxford Keeler and Buffalo Pound
R.M. of Moose Jaw including Pasqua and Bushell Park
R.M. of Pense including Pense Belle Plaine and Stony Beach
R.M. of Redburn including Rouleau and Hearne
R.M. of Rodgers including Coderre and Courval
R.M. of Sarnia including Holdfast Chamberlain and Dilke
R.M. of Shamrock including Shamrock and Kelstern
R.M. of Wheatlands including Mortlach and Parkbeg
Outlook - Watrous - Hanley - Imperial - Dinsmore
R.M. of Arm River including Davidson and Girvin
R.M. of Big Arm including Imperial and Liberty
R.M. of Coteau including Birsay and Danielson Prov. Park
R.M. of Dundurn including Dundurn and Blackstrap Prov. Park
R.M. of Fertile Valley including Conquest Macrorie and Bounty
R.M. of Harris including Harris and Tessier
R.M. of King George northwest of Lucky Lake
R.M. of Loreburn including Elbow Loreburn and Hawarden
R.M. of Lost River including South Allan and the Allan Hills
R.M. of McCraney including Kenaston and Bladworth
R.M. of Milden including Dinsmore Milden and Wiseton
R.M. of Montrose including Donovan and Swanson
R.M. of Morris including Watrous Young and Zelma
R.M. of Rosedale including Hanley
R.M. of Rudy including Outlook and Glenside
R.M. of Willner west of Davidson
R.M. of Wood Creek including Simpson
Shaunavon - Maple Creek - Val Marie - Cypress Hills
R.M. of Arlington including Dollard
R.M. of Auvergne including Ponteix and Aneroid
R.M. of Bone Creek including Simmie and Scotsguard
R.M. of Frontier including Frontier and Claydon
R.M. of Glen McPherson west of Mankota
R.M. of Grassy Creek including Shaunavon
R.M. of Lone Tree including Climax and Bracken
R.M. of Mankota including Mankota and Ferland
R.M. of Maple Creek including Cypress Hills Prov. Park
R.M. of Maple Creek including Maple Creek
R.M. of Pinto Creek including Kincaid and Hazenmore
R.M. of Reno including Consul Robsart and Willow Creek
R.M. of Val Marie including Val Marie Orkney and Monchy
R.M. of White Valley including Eastend and Ravenscrag
R.M. of Wise Creek including Cadillac and Admiral
Swift Current - Herbert - Cabri - Kyle - Lucky Lake
R.M. of Canaan including Lucky Lake
R.M. of Coulee including Neidpath and McMahon
R.M. of Excelsior including Waldeck Rush Lake and Main Centre
R.M. of Glen Bain including Glen Bain
R.M. of Lac Pelletier including Blumenhof
R.M. of Lacadena including Kyle Tyner and Sanctuary
R.M. of Lawtonia including Hodgeville
R.M. of Morse including Herbert Morse Ernfold and Gouldtown
R.M. of Riverside including Cabri Pennant and Success
R.M. of Saskatchewan Landing including Stewart Valley
R.M. of Swift Current including Swift Current and Wymark
R.M. of Victory including Beechy
R.M. of Webb including Webb and Antelope lake
R.M. of Whiska Creek including Vanguard Neville and Pambrun


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