Global Seasonal Forecast Products for WMO

The Canadian Meteorological Center (CMC) of Environment Canada is responsible for operationally producing then issuing official Canadian seasonal forecast products. On the first day of each month, at 00UTC, two 90-day seasonal forecasts are produced: one forecast with zero lead time and another forecast with a one month lead time.

Documentation on the methodology

Up to date information on the methodology used to produce the seasonal forecasts and how to use them is available at the following URLs:

Global seasonal forecast availability

On the first day of every month, global seasonal forecast maps and their corresponding skill maps are made available via the following URL

In a similar way, global gridded numerical forecasts and their corresponding hindcasts are made available via the following FTP site: The gridded values format is GRIB-1.

These 2 sites are password protected. To be provided with a username and password, please contact National Inquiry Response Team.

Indication of historical skill

The skill charts and reliability diagrams are available over the period 1971-2000 for both the deterministic and the probabilistic products, they are attached to each corresponding forecast.

Complete hindcast skill for the period 1981-2001 is provided at WMO SVS-LRF web site: for precipitation and 2 meter surface temperature.


For any related questions or comments, please contact: National Inquiry Response Team

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