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The Flash version of this application was retired on June 18, 2013. The following description and instructions are for the new HTML version.

Do you want to provide yourself and your website visitors with up-to-date weather information? Environment Canada's weather information can be available at your fingertips by following some simple steps.

Below are two examples. One that shows forecast and current conditions and the other is static forecast information where no current conditions are available for the location.

By clicking on these Weatherlinks, you are linked directly into Environment Canada's website where you can receive full weather details, including weather watches and warnings.

To add these current and forecast conditions *, simply use the HTML Code Creator below to generate the code you require, then cut and paste this HTML code into your web page and you are all done.

To use the HTML Code Creator:

  1. From the list below, choose the province you want information for. A list of cities available within that province will then appear
  2. Select the city that you want.
  3. Select the Display Code button and the required code will be generated.
  4. All that is left to do is copy and paste the HTML from the code box into the source of your web page.
HTML Code Creator

*Current conditions are subject to availability. Not all forecast locations have current conditions data.


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