Alerts for: Drummondville - Bois-Francs


11:56 AM EST Sunday 21 December 2014
Special air quality statement in effect for:

  • Drummondville - Bois-Francs

Smog warning in effect.

Through Monday morning

Atmospheric conditions could result in a deterioration in air quality.

We can all help improve air quality by doing simple things, such as using public transit, reducing our driving speed and not letting our car engines idle unnecessarily.

Smog especially affects asthmatic children and people with respiratory ailments or heart disease. It is therefore recommended that these individuals avoid intense physical activity outdoors until the smog warning is lifted.

Additional information.

To view the smog warning, go to Environment Canada's Web site at

For the air quality index for the City of Montréal, visit the city's
Web site at WWW.RSQA.QC.CA.

For air quality indexes elsewhere in Quebec, visit the mddelcc's web

To learn more about the effects of smog on your health, visit the web
Site of the direction de sante publique de Montréal at

Or the msss's Web site at WWW.MSSS.GOUV.QC.CA/SUJETS/SANTEPUB/

Issued by Environment Canada, le ministere du developpement durable, of l'environnement and of la lutte contre les changements climatithats, le ministere of la sante and des services sociaux, la direction of sante publithat of l'agence of la sante and des services sociaux of showsal and la ville of showsal


11:39 AM EST Sunday 21 December 2014
Special weather statement in effect for:

  • Drummondville - Bois-Francs

A rainy Christmas.

A storm is expected to affect Eastern Canada on December 24 and 25.
The low pressure system is developing over the Central United States
And will begin to strengthen over the Great Lakes area at the
Beginning of the week. A strong southerly flow will set up over the
Eastern part of the continent, bringing a mild and humid air mass
Over Quebec and the Maritimes.

Beginning on Tuesday the 23rd, temperatures will become increasingly
Milder and precipitation will slowly begin to fall over western
Quebec. Falling first as snow, precipitation will then change to
Rain, but freezing rain is possible before the transition.
These conditions will spread eastward in the days following.

Christmas night will be rainy, with temperatures between 2 and 10
Degrees Celsius, depending on the region. Moreover, strong easterly
Winds are expected. Total rainfall amounts could exceed 25
Millimetres. The combination of strong winds and high tidal ranges
Will also increase the risk of coastal flooding and breaking sea

The public is advised to monitor future forecasts and warnings as warnings may be required or extended.

Please monitor the latest forecasts and warnings from Environment Canada at

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