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Alerts for: Dawson


5:52 PM MST Saturday 02 July 2022
Special weather statement in effect for:

  • Dawson

Wildfire smoke and potential for above seasonal temperatures

Timespan: Now through the middle of next week

Locations: Central and Northern Yukon

Hazards: Localized reductions in air quality
Potential for daytime highs in the upper 20's, overnight lows in the lower-teens.

Wildfire smoke has spread throughout the central and northern Yukon and localized reductions in air quality may be experienced. The increase in smoke concentration is also limiting the rise of daytime temperatures throughout the region.

Current indications suggest that wildfire smoke will continue to impact communities tonight and tomorrow.

Should smoke concentrations improve, daytime temperatures will once again return to the high 20's.

For more information regarding the health effects of smoke exposure:

With elevated temperatures, the risk of heat related illness does increase.

Elevated freezing levels will lead to an increase in snowmelt. Increased stream flows due to run-off are possible.

Although heat is expected, bodies of water still remain cool for this time of year and may pose a risk of hypothermia with prolonged exposure.

Please continue to monitor alerts and forecasts issued by Environment Canada. To report severe weather, send an email to or tweet reports using #YTStorm.


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