Alerts for: Morden - Winkler - Altona - Morris


10:28 AM CDT Wednesday 18 October 2017
Wind warning in effect for:

  • Mun. of Rhineland incl. Altona Plum Coulee and Gretna
  • R.M. of Montcalm incl. St. Jean Baptiste
  • R.M. of Morris incl. Rosenort and Aubigny
  • R.M. of Roland incl. Jordan and Myrtle
  • R.M. of Stanley incl. Winkler and Morden
  • R.M. of Thompson incl. Miami Rosebank and Deerwood

Very strong wind gusts that may cause damage are expected or occurring.

A very intense low pressure system is tracking through northern Manitoba today bringing severe westerly winds to much of southern and central Manitoba. Wind gusts of 90 km/h to 100 km/h have been observed at multiple locations.

The winds will begin to abate from west to east early this afternoon as the low moves into Ontario.

Damage to buildings, such as to roof shingles and windows, may occur. High winds may toss loose objects or cause tree branches to break.

Wind warnings are issued when there is a significant risk of damaging winds.

Please continue to monitor alerts and forecasts issued by Environment Canada. To report severe weather, send an email to or tweet reports using #MBStorm.


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Summer 2017: Significant weather across Canada

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