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Weather Alerts for Canada

This table displays all active alerts for Canada, with the ability to view alerts by province or territory and searching by alert name, alert type or forecast location.

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No Alerts in effect.
Showing 665 alerts
Athabasca Co. near Athabasca and Island Lake
Athabasca Co. near Boyle and Caslan
Athabasca Co. near Grassland and Atmore
Athabasca Co. near Rochester Colinton and Meanook
Athabasca Co. near Wandering River
Beaver Co. near Viking and Kinsella
Big Lakes County near Driftpile Faust and Kinuso
Big Lakes County near Enilda and Joussard
Big Lakes County near Gift Lake and Peavine Smts
Big Lakes County near Hilliard's Bay Prov. Park and Big Point
Big Lakes County near Swan Hills
City of Medicine Hat
Co. of Barrhead near Barrhead and Lac la Nonne
Co. of Barrhead near Neerlandia Bloomsbury and Vega
Co. of Barrhead near Thunder Lake and Holmes Crossing
Co. of Forty Mile near Aden and Kennedy Coulee
Co. of Forty Mile near Bow Island and Whitla
Co. of Forty Mile near Etzikom and Maleb
Co. of Forty Mile near Foremost
Co. of Forty Mile near Orion and Manyberries
Co. of Minburn near Innisfree Lavoy and Ranfurly
Co. of Minburn near Minburn and Mannville
Co. of Newell near Bassano
Co. of Newell near Brooks Rosemary and Duchess
Co. of Newell near Gem
Co. of Newell near Patricia
Co. of Newell near Scandia and Kinbrook Island Prov. Park
Co. of Newell near Tilley and Rolling Hills
Co. of Paintearth near Brownfield
Co. of Paintearth near Castor and Fleet
Co. of Paintearth near Coronation and Throne
Co. of St. Paul near Ashmont St. Vincent and St. Lina
Co. of St. Paul near Elk Point and St. Edouard
Co. of St. Paul near Lindbergh and Frog Lake
Co. of St. Paul near St. Paul and Lafond
Co. of Two Hills near Myrnam and Derwent
Co. of Two Hills near Two Hills and Brosseau
Co. of Vermilion River near Dewberry and Clandonald
Co. of Vermilion River near Islay and McNabb Sanctuary
Co. of Vermilion River near Kitscoty and Marwayne
Co. of Vermilion River near Paradise Valley
Co. of Vermilion River near Tulliby Lake
Co. of Vermilion River near Vermilion
Cypress Co. near Bowell and Redcliff
Cypress Co. near Bowmanton Schuler and Hilda
Cypress Co. near CFB Suffield
Cypress Co. near Cypress Hills Prov. Park and Cressday
Cypress Co. near Dunmore and Woolchester
Cypress Co. near Irvine and Walsh
Cypress Co. near McNeill and Sandy Point District Park
Cypress Co. near Onefour and Wild Horse
Cypress Co. near Seven Persons
Cypress Co. near Suffield and Hwy 879
Cypress Co. near Tide Lake
Flagstaff Co. near Alliance and Bellshill Lake
Flagstaff Co. near Killam and Sedgewick
Flagstaff Co. near Lougheed and Hardisty
Foothills Co. near Blackie
Foothills Co. near Cayley
Foothills Co. near Diamond Valley
Foothills Co. near High River and Aldersyde
Foothills Co. near Longview and Eden Valley Res.
Foothills Co. near Okotoks and De Winton
Foothills Co. near Priddis and Brown-Lowery Prov. Park
Improvement District 349 including Cold Lake Air Weapons Range
Lac La Biche Co. near Crow Lake Prov. Park
Lac La Biche Co. near Fork Lake
Lac La Biche Co. near Heart Lake
Lac La Biche Co. near Lac La Biche and Square Lake
Lac La Biche Co. near Lakeland Prov. Park and Rec. Area
Lac La Biche Co. near Plamondon Hylo and Avenir
Lac La Biche Co. near Wiau Winefred and Grist Lakes
Lloydminster - Wainwright - Vermilion - Provost
City of Lloydminster
M.D. of Acadia including Acadia Valley
M.D. of Bonnyville near Beaverdam
M.D. of Bonnyville near Bonnyville Ardmore and Kehewin Res.
M.D. of Bonnyville near Cold Lake and City of Cold Lake
M.D. of Bonnyville near Fishing Lake Smt
M.D. of Bonnyville near Glendon and Moose Lake
M.D. of Bonnyville near La Corey Wolf Lake and Truman
M.D. of Greenview near Fox Creek
M.D. of Lesser Slave River near Chisholm and Cross Lake
M.D. of Lesser Slave River near Marten Beach
M.D. of Lesser Slave River near Slave Lake and Saulteaux
M.D. of Lesser Slave River near Smith and Fawcett Lake
M.D. of Opportunity near Calling and Rock Island Lakes
M.D. of Opportunity near Chipewyan Lake
M.D. of Opportunity near Peerless Lake and Trout Lake
M.D. of Opportunity near Red Earth Creek and Loon Lake
M.D. of Opportunity near Wabasca-Desmarais and Sandy Lake
M.D. of Provost near Bodo
M.D. of Provost near Czar Metiskow and Cadogan
M.D. of Provost near Hughenden Amisk and Kessler
M.D. of Provost near Provost and Hayter
M.D. of Taber near Enchant
M.D. of Wainwright near Chauvin Dillberry Lake and Roros
M.D. of Wainwright near Edgerton and Koroluk Landslide
M.D. of Wainwright near Irma
M.D. of Wainwright near Wainwright
M.D. of Willow Creek near Claresholm and Stavely
M.D. of Willow Creek near Nanton and Parkland
Nrn Sunrise Co. near Cadotte Lake and Swampy Lake Res.
Nrn Sunrise Co. near Loon Prairie Res. and Bison Lake
Nrn Sunrise Co. near Utikoomak Reserves
R.M. of Wood Buffalo near Clausen's Landing and Chipewyan 201FG
R.M. of Wood Buffalo near Colin-Cornwall Lakes Prov. Park
R.M. of Wood Buffalo near Fitzgerald and La Butte Creek
R.M. of Wood Buffalo near Fort Chipewyan and Sand Point
R.M. of Wood Buffalo near Fort MacKay and Wallace Creek
R.M. of Wood Buffalo near Fort McMurray and Anzac
R.M. of Wood Buffalo near Gipsy Lake and Whitemud Falls
R.M. of Wood Buffalo near Grand Rapids Wildland Prov. Park
R.M. of Wood Buffalo near Janvier South and Conklin
R.M. of Wood Buffalo near Mariana Lake
R.M. of Wood Buffalo near Namur River and Namur Lake Reserves
R.M. of Wood Buffalo near Old Fort Chipewyan 201 and 201ABCDE
R.M. of Wood Buffalo near Stony Mtn Prov. Park and Engstrom Lake
Rocky View Co. near Bragg Creek and Tsuu T'ina Res.
Rocky View Co. near Chestermere Dalroy and Dalemead
S.A. 2 near Bindloss Empress and Social Plains
S.A. 2 near Buffalo and Cavendish
S.A. 2 near Cessford Wardlow and Pollockville
S.A. 2 near Hanna and Richdale
S.A. 2 near Iddesleigh and Dinosaur Prov. Park
S.A. 2 near Jenner and Atlee
S.A. 2 near Spondin and Scapa
S.A. 2 near Sunnynook
S.A. 3 near Big Stone Cappon and Gold Spur
S.A. 3 near Oyen and Cereal
S.A. 3 near Sedalia and New Brigden
S.A. 3 near Sibbald and Esther
S.A. 3 near Youngstown
S.A. 4 near Hemaruka Wiste and Monitor Creek
S.A. 4 near Kirriemuir and Compeer
S.A. 4 near Veteran and Consort
Siksika Res. 146
Smoky Lake Co. near Buffalo Lake and Kikino Smts
Smoky Lake Co. near Vilna Saddle Lake and Whitefish Lake
Thorhild Co. near Newbrook and Long Lake Prov. Park
Vulcan Co. near Arrowwood Herronton and Queenstown
Vulcan Co. near Carmangay and Champion
Vulcan Co. near Lomond Travers and Little Bow Reservoirs
Vulcan Co. near Milo
Vulcan Co. near Vulcan and Ensign
Westlock Co. near Larkspur Fawcett and Jarvie
Westlock Co. near Westlock and Clyde
Wheatland Co. near Hussar
Wheatland Co. near Standard and Gleichen
Wheatland Co. near Strathmore Lyalta and Carseland
Wood Buffalo Nat. Park near Garden River and Thebacha Trail
Wood Buffalo Nat. Park near Hay Camp and Ninishith Hills
Wood Buffalo Nat. Park near Peace Point and Lake Claire
Wood Buffalo Nat. Park west of the Fifth Meridian
Woodlands Co. near Benbow and Windfall
Woodlands Co. near Carson-Pegasus Prov. Park
Woodlands Co. near Fort Assiniboine Timeu and Topland
Woodlands Co. near Goose Lake
Woodlands Co. near Whitecourt and Blue Ridge
Yellowhead Co. near Edson and Sundance Prov. Park
Yellowhead Co. near Peers and Niton Junction
British Columbia
Cassiar Mountains
North Okanagan - including Vernon
Cartwright-Roblin Mun. incl. Mather
City of Brandon
City of Winnipeg
Duck Mountain Prov. Park and Prov. Forest
Falcon Lake and West Hawk Lake
Flin Flon Cranberry Portage and Grass River Prov. Park
Gilbert Plains Mun. incl. Ashville
Grandview Mun. incl. Valley River Res.
Hamiota Mun. incl. McConnell and Lavinia
Island Lake
Jackhead Res.
L.G. of Pinawa incl. Seven Sisters Falls
Manigotagan Black River Res. and Hollow Water Res.
Moose Creek Prov. Forest Pine Dock and Matheson Island
Mossey River Mun. incl. Winnipegosis and Fork River
Mun. of Bifrost-Riverton incl. Arborg Hnausa and Hecla
Mun. of Boissevain-Morton incl. Turtle Mtn Prov. Park
Mun. of Brenda-Waskada incl. Medora and Goodlands
Mun. of Clanwilliam-Erickson
Mun. of Deloraine-Winchester
Mun. of Emerson-Franklin incl. Roseau River
Mun. of Ethelbert incl. Garland
Mun. of Glenboro-South Cypress incl. Treesbank
Mun. of Glenella-Lansdowne incl. Arden and Tenby
Mun. of Grassland incl. Hartney and Minto
Mun. of Harrison Park incl. Onanole Sandy Lake and Newdale
Mun. of Killarney-Turtle Mountain
Mun. of Lorne incl. Notre Dame and Swan Lake
Mun. of Louise incl. Pilot Mound and Crystal City
Mun. of McCreary incl. Norgate
Mun. of Minitonas-Bowsman incl. Renwer
Mun. of Norfolk Treherne
Mun. of North Cypress-Langford incl. Neepawa and Carberry
Mun. of North Norfolk incl. MacGregor Sidney and Austin
Mun. of Oakland-Wawanesa incl. Carroll
Mun. of Pembina incl. Manitou La Rivière and Snowflake
Mun. of Rhineland incl. Altona Plum Coulee and Gretna
Mun. of Roblin incl. Makaroff Shortdale and Bield
Mun. of Russell-Binscarth incl. Gambler Res.
Mun. of Souris-Glenwood
Mun. of Ste. Rose incl. Laurier
Mun. of Swan Valley West incl. Benito
Mun. of Two Borders incl. Melita Coulter and Tilston
Mun. of WestLake-Gladstone incl. Plumas and Langruth
Nopiming Prov. Park
North and South Moose Lake incl. Moose Lake Res.
Oxford House and Gods Lake
Peguis Res. and Fisher River Res.
Pelican Rapids and Shoal River First Nations
Pointe du Bois
Porcupine Prov. Forest
Prairie View Mun. incl. Birdtail Sioux Res.
R.M. of Alexander incl. Powerview-Pine Falls
R.M. of Alonsa incl. Ebb and Flow Res. and Sandy Bay Res.
R.M. of Argyle incl. Baldur Glenora and Greenway
R.M. of Armstrong incl. Chatfield Inwood and Narcisse
R.M. of Brokenhead incl. Beausejour and Garson
R.M. of Cartier incl. Elie St. Eustache and Springstein
R.M. of Coldwell incl. Lundar and Clarkleigh
R.M. of Cornwallis west of Shilo incl. Chater
R.M. of Dauphin incl. Sifton and Valley River
R.M. of De Salaberry incl. St-Pierre-Jolys and St. Malo
R.M. of Dufferin incl. Carman Roseisle and Homewood
R.M. of East St. Paul incl. Birds Hill
R.M. of Ellice-Archie incl. St-Lazare McAuley and Manson
R.M. of Elton incl. Forrest
R.M. of Fisher incl. Poplarfield
R.M. of Gimli incl. Winnipeg Beach and Arnes
R.M. of Grahamdale incl. Gypsumville Moosehorn and Camper
R.M. of Grey incl. St. Claude Elm Creek and Fannystelle
R.M. of Hanover incl. Steinbach Niverville and Grunthal
R.M. of Headingley
R.M. of La Broquerie incl. Marchand
R.M. of Lac Du Bonnet
R.M. of Lakeshore incl. Ochre River and Makinak
R.M. of Lakeshore incl. Rorketon and Toutes Aides
R.M. of Macdonald incl. Brunkild Starbuck and La Salle
R.M. of Minto-Odanah incl. Minnedosa and Moore Park
R.M. of Montcalm incl. St. Jean Baptiste
R.M. of Morris incl. Rosenort and Aubigny
R.M. of Mountain including Cowan and Camperville
R.M. of Mountain including Mafeking and Birch River
R.M. of Oakview incl. Oak River and Rapid City
R.M. of Pipestone incl. Oak Lake Res.
R.M. of Portage la Prairie incl. St. Ambroise
R.M. of Prairie Lakes incl. Margaret Ninette and Belmont
R.M. of Reynolds incl. Ste. Rita Hadashville and Rennie
R.M. of Riding Mountain West incl. Asessippi Prov. Park
R.M. of Ritchot incl. St. Adolphe and Ste. Agathe
R.M. of Rockwood incl. Teulon Stonewall and Stony Mountain
R.M. of Roland incl. Jordan and Myrtle
R.M. of Rosedale incl. Eden and Kelwood
R.M. of Rosser incl. Meadows
R.M. of Sifton incl. Oak Lake and Deleau
R.M. of Springfield incl. Anola and Birds Hill Prov. Park
R.M. of St. Andrews incl. Selkirk Lockport and Ponemah
R.M. of St. Clements incl. Grand Beach Brokenhead and Libau
R.M. of St. François Xavier
R.M. of St. Laurent incl. Oak Point
R.M. of Stanley incl. Winkler and Morden
R.M. of Ste. Anne incl. Richer
R.M. of Stuartburn incl. Zhoda Vita and Sundown
R.M. of Tache incl. Lorette Ste-Geneviève and Landmark
R.M. of Thompson incl. Miami Rosebank and Deerwood
R.M. of Victoria Beach
R.M. of Victoria incl. Holland and Cypress River
R.M. of Wallace-Woodworth incl. Virden Elkhorn and Kenton
R.M. of West Interlake incl. Eriksdale and Ashern
R.M. of West St. Paul incl. Middlechurch and Rivercrest
R.M. of Whitehead incl. Alexander and Beresford
R.M. of Whitemouth incl. Elma
R.M. of Woodlands incl. Warren and Lake Francis
R.M. of Yellowhead incl. Shoal Lake and Elphinstone
Red Sucker Lake
Riding Mountain Nat. Park
Riverdale Mun. incl. Rivers and Wheatland
Rossburn Mun. incl. Waywayseecappo Res.
Shoal Lake Reserves
Snow Lake and Herb Lake Landing
The Pas Cormorant Westray and Wanless
Westgate Red Deer Lake and Barrows
Northwest Territories
Aklavik Region
Fort Good Hope Region
Inuvik Region
Norman Wells - Tulita Region
South Delta Region including Ft. McPherson - Tsiigehtchic
Pikangikum - Poplar Hill - MacDowell
Sachigo Lake - Bearskin Lake
Sandy Lake - Weagamow Lake - Deer Lake
Alma - Desbiens area
Apica Mountain area
Ashuapmushuan Wildlife Reserve area
Baie-Saint-Paul area
Chutes-des-Passes - Pipmuacan Reservoir area
Falardeau - Mont-Valin area
Grands-Jardins Park area
Kangiqsujuaq - Raglan Lake
Lake Bouchette area
Le Bic - Rimouski area
Les Escoumins area
Normandin - Péribonka area
Pohénégamook area
Rimouski Wildlife Reserve area
Rivière-du-Loup area
Rivière-Éternité - Petit-Saguenay area
Saint-Félicien - Roberval area
Sainte-Rose-du-Nord area
Tadoussac - Baie-Sainte-Catherine area
Trois-Pistoles area
Ville de Saguenay area
Buffalo Narrows and Peter Pond Lake
City of Lloydminster
City of Moose Jaw
City of Prince Albert
City of Regina
City of Saskatoon
District of Lakeland including Emma Lake and Anglin Lake
Green Lake
Île à la Crosse and Beauval
La Loche and Clearwater River Prov. Park
R.M. of Aberdeen including Aberdeen
R.M. of Abernethy including Balcarres and Abernethy
R.M. of Antelope Park including Loverna and Hoosier
R.M. of Antler including Redvers Antler and Wauchope
R.M. of Arborfield including Arborfield and Zenon Park
R.M. of Argyle including Gainsborough and Carievale
R.M. of Arlington including Dollard
R.M. of Arm River including Davidson and Girvin
R.M. of Auvergne including Ponteix and Aneroid
R.M. of Baildon including Briercrest
R.M. of Barrier Valley including Archerwill and McKague
R.M. of Battle River including Sweet Grass Res. and Delmas
R.M. of Bayne including Bruno Peterson and Dana
R.M. of Beaver River including Pierceland and Goodsoil
R.M. of Bengough including Bengough
R.M. of Benson including Benson
R.M. of Big Arm including Imperial and Liberty
R.M. of Big Quill including Wynyard Dafoe and Kandahar
R.M. of Big River including Big River and Chitek Lake
R.M. of Big Stick including Golden Prairie
R.M. of Biggar including Biggar and Springwater
R.M. of Birch Hills including Muskoday Res.
R.M. of Bjorkdale including Greenwater Lake Prov. Park
R.M. of Blaine Lake including Blaine Lake
R.M. of Blucher including Allan Clavet Bradwell and Elstow
R.M. of Bone Creek including Simmie and Scotsguard
R.M. of Bratt's Lake including Wilcox Corinne and Estlin
R.M. of Britannia including Hillmond
R.M. of Brock including Arcola and Kisbey
R.M. of Brokenshell including Trossachs
R.M. of Browning including Lampman
R.M. of Buchanan including Buchanan Amsterdam and Tadmore
R.M. of Buckland including Wahpeton Res. and Spruce Home
R.M. of Buffalo including Wilkie and Phippen
R.M. of Calder including Calder and Wroxton
R.M. of Caledonia including Milestone and Parry
R.M. of Cambria including Torquay and Outram
R.M. of Cana including Melville
R.M. of Canaan including Lucky Lake
R.M. of Canwood including Debden and Big River Res.
R.M. of Carmichael including Carmichael
R.M. of Caron including Caronport and Caron
R.M. of Chaplin including Chaplin
R.M. of Chester including Windthorst Glenavon and Peebles
R.M. of Chesterfield including Eatonia and Mantario
R.M. of Churchbridge including Churchbridge and MacNutt
R.M. of Clayton including Norquay Stenen and Swan Plain
R.M. of Clinworth including Sceptre Lemsford and Portreeve
R.M. of Coalfields including Bienfait and North Portal
R.M. of Colonsay including Colonsay and Meacham
R.M. of Connaught including Ridgedale and New Osgoode
R.M. of Corman Park including Martensville Warman and Langham
R.M. of Cote including Kamsack Togo and Duck Mountain Prov. Park
R.M. of Coteau including Birsay and Danielson Prov. Park
R.M. of Coulee including Neidpath and McMahon
R.M. of Craik including Craik and Aylesbury
R.M. of Cupar including Southey Cupar and Markinch
R.M. of Cut Knife including Cut Knife
R.M. of Cymri including Midale Macoun and Halbrite
R.M. of Deer Forks including Burstall and Estuary
R.M. of Douglas including Speers Richard and Alticane
R.M. of Duck Lake including Duck Lake and Beardy's Res.
R.M. of Dufferin including Bethune and Findlater
R.M. of Dundurn including Dundurn and Blackstrap Prov. Park
R.M. of Eagle Creek including Arelee and Sonningdale
R.M. of Edenwold including Balgonie and Piapot Res.
R.M. of Elcapo including Broadview and Cowessess Res.
R.M. of Eldon including Maidstone and Waseca
R.M. of Elfros including Elfros Leslie and Mozart
R.M. of Elmsthorpe including Avonlea and Truax
R.M. of Emerald including Wishart and Bankend
R.M. of Enfield including Central Butte
R.M. of Enniskillen including Oxbow and Northgate
R.M. of Enterprise including Richmound
R.M. of Estevan including Estevan and Hitchcock
R.M. of Excel including Viceroy Ormiston and Verwood
R.M. of Excelsior including Waldeck Rush Lake and Main Centre
R.M. of Eye Hill including Macklin Denzil and Evesham
R.M. of Eyebrow including Eyebrow and Brownlee
R.M. of Fertile Belt including Esterhazy Stockholm and Bangor
R.M. of Fertile Valley including Conquest Macrorie and Bounty
R.M. of Fillmore including Fillmore Creelman and Osage
R.M. of Fish Creek including Alvena
R.M. of Flett's Springs including Beatty Ethelton and Pathlow
R.M. of Foam Lake including Foam Lake and Fishing Lake Res.
R.M. of Fox Valley including Fox Valley
R.M. of Francis including Vibank Sedley and Odessa
R.M. of Frenchman Butte including St. Walburg
R.M. of Frontier including Frontier and Claydon
R.M. of Garden River including Meath Park and Albertville
R.M. of Garry including Jedburgh
R.M. of Glen Bain including Glen Bain
R.M. of Glen McPherson west of Mankota
R.M. of Glenside north of Biggar
R.M. of Golden West including Ocean Man Res. and Handsworth
R.M. of Good Lake including Canora and Good Spirit Lake Prov. Park
R.M. of Grandview including Handel and Kelfield
R.M. of Grant including Vonda Prud'homme and Smuts
R.M. of Grass Lake including Salvador and Reward
R.M. of Grassy Creek including Shaunavon
R.M. of Gravelbourg including Gravelbourg and Bateman
R.M. of Grayson including Grayson Dubuc and Killaly
R.M. of Great Bend including Radisson and Borden
R.M. of Griffin including Griffin and Froude
R.M. of Gull Lake including Gull Lake and Tompkins
R.M. of Happy Valley including Big Beaver
R.M. of Happyland including Leader Prelate and Mendham
R.M. of Harris including Harris and Tessier
R.M. of Hart Butte including Coronach
R.M. of Hazel Dell including Lintlaw and Hazel Dell
R.M. of Hazelwood south of Kipling
R.M. of Heart's Hill including Cactus Lake
R.M. of Hillsborough including Crestwynd and Old Wives lake
R.M. of Hillsdale including Neilburg and Baldwinton
R.M. of Hoodoo including Wakaw and Cudworth
R.M. of Hudson Bay including Hudson Bay and Reserve
R.M. of Hudson Bay including Shoal Lake and Red Earth Reserves
R.M. of Humboldt including Humboldt Carmel and Fulda
R.M. of Huron including Tugaske
R.M. of Indian Head including Indian Head and Sintaluta
R.M. of Insinger including Theodore and Sheho
R.M. of Invergordon including Yellow Creek and Tarnopol
R.M. of Invermay including Invermay and Rama
R.M. of Ituna Bon Accord including Ituna and Hubbard
R.M. of Kellross including Kelliher and Lestock
R.M. of Kelvington including Yellowquill Res.
R.M. of Key West including Ogema and Kayville
R.M. of Keys including The Key Res.
R.M. of Kindersley including Kindersley Brock and Flaxcombe
R.M. of King George northwest of Lucky Lake
R.M. of Kingsley including Kipling
R.M. of Kinistino including Kinistino and James Smith Res.
R.M. of Kutawa including Raymore Punnichy and Poorman Res.
R.M. of Lac Pelletier including Blumenhof
R.M. of Lacadena including Kyle Tyner and Sanctuary
R.M. of Laird including Waldheim Hepburn and Laird
R.M. of Lajord including Lajord Kronau and Riceton
R.M. of Lake Alma including Lake Alma and Beaubier
R.M. of Lake Johnson including Mossbank and Ardill
R.M. of Lake Lenore including St. Brieux
R.M. of Lake of The Rivers including Assiniboia
R.M. of Lakeside including Watson and Quill Lake
R.M. of Lakeview including Wadena and Clair
R.M. of Langenburg including Langenburg Yarbo and Marchwell
R.M. of Last Mountain Valley including Govan and Duval
R.M. of Laurier including Radville
R.M. of Lawtonia including Hodgeville
R.M. of Leask including Leask Mistawasis Res. and Parkside
R.M. of Leroy including Leroy
R.M. of Lipton including Lipton and Dysart
R.M. of Livingston including Arran
R.M. of Lomond including Colgate and Goodwater
R.M. of Lone Tree including Climax and Bracken
R.M. of Longlaketon including Earl Grey and Silton
R.M. of Loon Lake including Loon Lake and Makwa
R.M. of Loreburn including Elbow Loreburn and Hawarden
R.M. of Lost River including South Allan and the Allan Hills
R.M. of Lumsden including Lumsden Regina Beach and Craven
R.M. of Manitou Lake including Marsden
R.M. of Mankota including Mankota and Ferland
R.M. of Maple Bush including Riverhurst and Douglas Prov. Park
R.M. of Maple Creek including Cypress Hills Prov. Park
R.M. of Maple Creek including Maple Creek
R.M. of Mariposa including Tramping Lake and Broadacres
R.M. of Marquis including Tuxford Keeler and Buffalo Pound
R.M. of Marriott south of Biggar
R.M. of Martin including Wapella and Red Jacket
R.M. of Maryfield including Maryfield and Fairlight
R.M. of Mayfield including Maymont Denholm and Fielding
R.M. of McCraney including Kenaston and Bladworth
R.M. of McKillop including Strasbourg and Rowans Ravine Prov. Park
R.M. of McLeod including Lemberg and Neudorf
R.M. of Meadow Lake including Waterhen Res.
R.M. of Medstead including Medstead Belbutte and Birch Lake
R.M. of Meeting Lake
R.M. of Meota including Meota and The Battlefords Prov. Park
R.M. of Mervin including Turtleford Mervin and Spruce Lake
R.M. of Milden including Dinsmore Milden and Wiseton
R.M. of Milton including Alsask and Marengo
R.M. of Miry Creek including Abbey Lancer and Shackleton
R.M. of Monet including Elrose Wartime and Forgan
R.M. of Montmartre including Assiniboine Res.
R.M. of Montrose including Donovan and Swanson
R.M. of Moose Creek including Alameda
R.M. of Moose Jaw including Pasqua and Bushell Park
R.M. of Moose Mountain including Carlyle and Manor
R.M. of Moose Range including Carrot River and Tobin Lake
R.M. of Moosomin including Moosomin Welwyn and Fleming
R.M. of Morris including Watrous Young and Zelma
R.M. of Morse including Herbert Morse Ernfold and Gouldtown
R.M. of Mount Hope including Semans
R.M. of Mount Pleasant including Carnduff
R.M. of Mountain View including Herschel and Stranraer
R.M. of Newcombe including Glidden and Madison
R.M. of Nipawin including Nipawin Aylsham and Pontrilas
R.M. of North Battleford northwest of The Battlefords
R.M. of North Qu'Appelle including Fort Qu'Appelle
R.M. of Norton including Pangman and Khedive
R.M. of Oakdale including Coleville
R.M. of Old Post including Wood Mountain and Killdeer
R.M. of Orkney including Yorkton Springside and Ebenezer
R.M. of Paddockwood including Candle Lake and Paddockwood
R.M. of Parkdale including Glaslyn and Fairholme
R.M. of Paynton including Paynton
R.M. of Pense including Pense Belle Plaine and Stony Beach
R.M. of Perdue including Perdue and Kinley
R.M. of Piapot including Piapot
R.M. of Pinto Creek including Kincaid and Hazenmore
R.M. of Pittville including Hazlet
R.M. of Pleasant Valley including McGee and Fiske
R.M. of Pleasantdale including Naicam and Pleasantdale
R.M. of Ponass Lake including Rose Valley Fosston and Nora
R.M. of Poplar Valley including Rockglen and Fife Lake
R.M. of Porcupine including Porcupine Plain and Weekes
R.M. of Prairie Rose including Jansen and Esk
R.M. of Prairiedale including Major and Smiley
R.M. of Preeceville including Preeceville and Sturgis
R.M. of Prince Albert including Davis
R.M. of Progress including Kerrobert and Luseland
R.M. of Reciprocity including Alida
R.M. of Redberry including Hafford and Krydor
R.M. of Redburn including Rouleau and Hearne
R.M. of Reford including Landis and Leipzig
R.M. of Reno including Consul Robsart and Willow Creek
R.M. of Riverside including Cabri Pennant and Success
R.M. of Rocanville including Rocanville
R.M. of Rodgers including Coderre and Courval
R.M. of Rosedale including Hanley
R.M. of Rosemount including Cando and Traynor
R.M. of Rosthern including Rosthern Hague and Carlton
R.M. of Round Hill including Rabbit Lake and Whitkow
R.M. of Round Valley including Unity
R.M. of Rudy including Outlook and Glenside
R.M. of Saltcoats including Saltcoats and Bredenbury
R.M. of Sarnia including Holdfast Chamberlain and Dilke
R.M. of Saskatchewan Landing including Stewart Valley
R.M. of Sasman including Margo Kylemore and Nut Mountain
R.M. of Scott including Yellow Grass Lang and Lewvan
R.M. of Senlac including Senlac
R.M. of Shamrock including Shamrock and Kelstern
R.M. of Shellbrook including Sturgeon Lake Res.
R.M. of Sherwood including Grand Coulee
R.M. of Silverwood south of Whitewood
R.M. of Sliding Hills including Veregin Mikado and Hamton
R.M. of Snipe Lake including Eston and Plato
R.M. of Souris Valley including Tribune and Oungre
R.M. of South Qu'Appelle including Qu'Appelle and Edgeley
R.M. of Spalding including Spalding
R.M. of Spiritwood including Spiritwood and Leoville
R.M. of Spy Hill including Spy Hill Gerald and Tantallon
R.M. of St Andrews including Rosetown and Zealandia
R.M. of St Louis including One Arrow Res. and Domremy
R.M. of St Peter including Muenster and Lake Lenore
R.M. of St Philips including Pelly and St Philips
R.M. of Stanley including Goodeve Fenwood and Duff
R.M. of Star City including Melfort and Star City
R.M. of Stonehenge including Limerick and Congress
R.M. of Storthoaks including Storthoaks and Fertile
R.M. of Surprise Valley including Minton and Regway
R.M. of Sutton including Mazenod Palmer and Vantage
R.M. of Swift Current including Swift Current and Wymark
R.M. of Tecumseh including Stoughton Forget and Heward
R.M. of Terrell including Spring Valley and Cardross
R.M. of The Gap including Ceylon and Hardy
R.M. of Three Lakes including Middle Lake and St Benedict
R.M. of Tisdale including Tisdale Eldersley and Sylvania
R.M. of Torch River including Choiceland and White Fox
R.M. of Touchwood including Serath and Touchwood Hills Prov. Park
R.M. of Tramping Lake including Scott and Revenue
R.M. of Tullymet including Peepeekisis Res.
R.M. of Turtle River including Edam and Vawn
R.M. of Usborne including Lanigan Drake and Guernsey
R.M. of Val Marie including Val Marie Orkney and Monchy
R.M. of Vanscoy including Delisle Asquith and Vanscoy
R.M. of Victory including Beechy
R.M. of Viscount including Viscount and Plunkett
R.M. of Wallace including Rhein Stornoway Tonkin and Rokeby
R.M. of Walpole including Kelso
R.M. of Waverley including Glentworth and Fir Mountain
R.M. of Wawken including Wawota Kennedy and Kenosee Lake
R.M. of Webb including Webb and Antelope lake
R.M. of Wellington including Cedoux Colfax and Tyvan
R.M. of Weyburn including Weyburn and McTaggart
R.M. of Wheatlands including Mortlach and Parkbeg
R.M. of Whiska Creek including Vanguard Neville and Pambrun
R.M. of White Valley including Eastend and Ravenscrag
R.M. of Willner west of Davidson
R.M. of Willow Bunch including Willow Bunch and St Victor
R.M. of Willow Creek including Gronlid and Fairy Glen
R.M. of Willowdale including Whitewood and Ochapowace Res.
R.M. of Wilton including Lashburn Marshall and Lone Rock
R.M. of Winslow including Dodsland and Plenty
R.M. of Wise Creek including Cadillac and Admiral
R.M. of Wolseley including Wolseley and Summerberry
R.M. of Wolverine including Burr
R.M. of Wood Creek including Simpson
R.M. of Wood River including Lafleche Woodrow and Melaval
R.M. of Wreford including Nokomis and Venn
The Battlefords
Uranium City - Camsell Portage
Cassiar Mountains
Faro - Ross River
Old Crow