Alerts for: Melita - Boissevain - Turtle Mountain Provincial Park


4:16 AM CST Saturday 20 December 2014
Freezing Drizzle Advisory in effect for:

  • R.M. of Albert including Tilston and Broomhill
  • R.M. of Arthur including Melita and Coulter
  • R.M. of Brenda including Waskada Medora and Goodlands
  • R.M. of Cameron including Hartney
  • R.M. of Edward including Pierson and Lyleton
  • R.M. of Morton including Boissevain and Turtle Mtn Prov. Park
  • R.M. of Whitewater including Minto Elgin and Fairfax
  • R.M. of Winchester including Deloraine

Areas of freezing drizzle are expected or occuring.

Freezing drizzle is occurring in areas of southwest Manitoba and southward into North Dakota. Expect conditions to improve towards noon or early afternoon.

Surfaces such as highways, roads, walkways and parking lots may become icy and slippery. Take extra care when walking or driving in affected areas.

Weather Advisories for Freezing Drizzle are issued when drizzle falling in sub zero temperatures is expected to freeze on contact, and over time create icy surfaces.

Environment Canada meteorologists will update alerts as required. Please continue to monitor your local media or Weatheradio for further updates. If you would like to report severe weather, you can call 1-800-239-0484 or send an email to or tweet reports to #MBStorm.

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