Alerts for: Hanna - Coronation - Oyen


12:12 AM MDT Friday 24 March 2017
Fog advisory in effect for:

  • Co. of Paintearth near Brownfield
  • Co. of Paintearth near Castor and Fleet
  • Co. of Paintearth near Coronation and Throne
  • M.D. of Acadia including Acadia Valley
  • M.D. of Provost near Bodo
  • S.A. 2 near Cessford Wardlow and Pollockville
  • S.A. 2 near Hanna and Richdale
  • S.A. 2 near Spondin and Scapa
  • S.A. 2 near Sunnynook
  • S.A. 3 near Big Stone Cappon and Gold Spur
  • S.A. 3 near Oyen and Cereal
  • S.A. 3 near Sedalia and New Brigden
  • S.A. 3 near Sibbald and Esther
  • S.A. 3 near Youngstown
  • S.A. 4 near Hemaruka Wiste and Monitor Creek
  • S.A. 4 near Kirriemuir and Compeer
  • S.A. 4 near Veteran and Consort

Near zero visibility in fog is expected or occurring.

An area of dense fog has formed in east-central Alberta. With light winds expected for the next 12 hours, the fog will likely not dissipate until late this morning.

If travelling, be prepared for areas of near-zero visibility.

Fog advisories are issued when near zero visibilities in fog are expected or occurring.

Please continue to monitor alerts and forecasts issued by Environment Canada. To report severe weather, send an email to or tweet reports using #ABStorm.


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