Massey: Synopsis

Technical Marine Synopsis

Issued 6:30 PM MDT 30 August 2014 Tonight and Sunday At 0000 UTC Sunday weakening ridge located from 69N 136W to
75N 137W.
By 0000 UTC Monday ridge located from 69N 131W to 73N 133W.

At 0000 UTC Sunday trough located from 65N 123W to 80N 133W.
By 0000 UTC Monday trough located from 65N 115W to 82N 145W.

At 0000 UTC Sunday quasi-stationary ridge located on a line
north-south over the central Arctic Archipelago.

At 0000 UTC Sunday quasi-stationary trough located from 72N 55W
to 76N 70W then to 81N 61W.