Clarence - northern half: Synopsis

Technical Marine Synopsis

Issued 6:30 PM MDT 23 October 2014 Tonight and Friday At 0000 UTC Friday weakening ridge from 1030 mb high located from
80N 155W to 67N 90W.
By 0000 UTC Saturday ridge from 1026 mb high located from 75N 112W
to 64N 70W.

At 0000 UTC Friday low 994 mb located at 71N 67W.
By 0000 UTC Saturday dissipating trough from low located from 68N
51W to 75N 65W.

At 0000 UTC Friday weakening low 998 mb located at 84N 52W.
By 0000 UTC Saturday low 1005 mb located at 83N 117W.

At 0000 UTC Friday deepening low 998 mb located at 65N 117W.
By 0000 UTC Saturday deepening trough from 988 mb low located from
56N 94W to 61N 109W.