South Prince Patrick: Synopsis

Technical Marine Synopsis

Issued 6:30 PM MDT 31 August 2014 Tonight and Monday At 0000 UTC Monday low 983 mb located at 74N 164W.
By 0000 UTC Tuesday trough from 983 mb low located from 75N 167W
to 72N 144W then to 69.5N 143W.

At 0000 UTC Monday ridge located from 69N 133W to 75N 134W.
By 0000 UTC Tuesday ridge from 1010 mb high located from 65N 125W
to 72N 124W.

At 0000 UTC Monday trough from 999 mb low located from 67N 118W
to 75N 122W.
By 0000 UTC Tuesday trough from 1000 mb low located from 73N 114W
to 68N 109W.