Marine Weather for: Arctic - Eastern Arctic

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Map of Arctic - Eastern Arctic marine weather areas Admiralty Arviat - eastern half Arviat - western half Baker Barrow Byam Central - eastern half Central - western half Central Brevoort Clarence - northern half Clarence - southern half Coats - northern half Coats - southern half Committee Cumberland East Baffin East Brevoort East Clyde - northern half East Clyde - southern half East Davis - northern half East Davis - southern half East Foxe East Labrador Sea Eureka Frobisher Bay Igloolik - northern half Igloolik - southern half Jones - eastern half Jones - western half Kane - southern half Lancaster - eastern half Lancaster - western half Larsen Maclean Maud McClintock Mid Labrador Coast Navy Board North Labrador Coast Northwest Labrador Sea Norwegian Nottingham - eastern half Nottingham - western half Peel Pond Prince Charles Puvirnituq - northern half Puvirnituq - southern half Queens Rae Rankin - northern half Rankin - southern half Regent Resolution - eastern half Resolution - western half Roes Welcome - northern half Roes Welcome - southern half South-central Hudson - eastern half South Labrador Sea St. Roch Ungava West Baffin West Brevoort - northern half West Brevoort - southern half West Clyde - northern half West Clyde - southern half West Davis - northern half West Davis - southern half West Foxe Boothia Hassel Massey Peary South Sverdrup

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