Maud: Ice Conditions

Ice Forecasts

Issued 10:00 AM EDT 29 September 2014 Today Tonight and Tuesday

Ice Edge

First ice edge estimated from 7110N 14100W to 7130N 12900W to 7250N
12600W to Banks Island near 7200N 12600W. Sea ice north of the ice

Second ice edge estimated from Victoria Island near 7135N 11850W to
7120N 11900W to 7110N 12030W to Banks Island near 7125N 12100W. Sea
ice north of the ice edge.

Third ice edge estimated from Kent Peninsula near 6840N 10800W to
Victoria Island near 6855N 10800W. Sea ice east of the ice edge.

Ice Coverage

Open water except 6 tenths of old ice in the northern section.