North Labrador Coast: Ice Conditions

Ice Forecasts

Issued 10:00 AM EDT 22 April 2014 Today Tonight and Wednesday

Ice Edge

Ice edge estimated from Newfoundland near 4915N 5330W to 4805N 5130W
to 4735N 4830W to 4830N 4800W to 5025N 4800W to 5330N 5030W to 5625N
5600W to 5800N 5700W then northward. Sea ice north and west of the
ice edge.

Ice Coverage

Forecasts available to mariners upon request.

Iceberg Bulletin

Issued 11:00 AM EDT 22 April 2014

Iceberg Limit

Iceberg limit at 0000 UTC 22 Apr estimated from Newfoundland near
4640N 5310W to 4100N 5200W to 4100N 4830W to 4600N 3930W to 4700N
3930W to 5300N 4515W to 6000N 5645W.

Western iceberg limit at 0000 UTC 22 Apr estimated from Labrador near
5125N 5700W to Newfoundland near 5115N 5645W.

Iceberg Count

Unknown number of icebergs.