Igloolik: Ice Conditions

Ice Forecasts

Issued 3:09 PM EDT 30 August 2014 Today Tonight and Sunday

Ice Edge

First ice edge estimated from Southampton Island near 6440N 8205W to
6540N 8120W Baffin Island near 6500N 7800W. Sea ice north of the ice

Second ice edge estimated from Nunavut near 6625N 8520W to 6615N
8550W to Southampton Island near 6555N 8530W. Sea ice north of the
ice edge.

Ice Coverage

1 tenth of first-year ice except 4 tenths of first-year ice over the
northeastern section. 9 tenths of first-year ice along parts of the
northern shore. 7 tenths of first-year ice including a trace of old
ice in Fury and Hecla Strait.