West Foxe: Ice Conditions

Ice Forecasts

Issued 11:00 AM EDT 21 July 2014 Today Tonight and Tuesday

Ice Edge

First ice edge estimated from Quebec near 5945N 6530W to 6005N 6555W
to 6030N 6530W to 6020N 6450W. Sea ice south and east of the ice

Second ice edge estimated from Southampton Island near 6355N 8030W
to 6335N 7800W to 6305N 7645W to Baffin Island near 6420N 7545W. Sea
ice north of the ice edge.

Third ice edge estimated from Nunavut near 6540N 8630W to
Southampton Island near 6540N 8600W. Sea ice north of the ice edge.

Fourth ice edge estimated from Manitoba near 5705N 9155W to 5935N
9210W to 5930N 8705W to 5715N 7955W to 5535N 8025W to Ontario near
5515N 8355W. Sea ice south of the ice edge.

Ice Coverage

Forecasts available to mariners upon request.